Keeping it real

Developing our personal flexibility (PFL) is how we keep it real.

The PFL might be deliberate reflection of an event, but with alternative interpretations. Or it could be the reinvention of something. For example, the engineers who developed the internal combustion engine weren’t just thinking of how to make horse-drawn transport go faster.

Personal flexibility helps us avoid compromises we are uncomfortable making. But embrace the compromises we should make e.g. in relationships.

PFL takes energy & imagination. But in return, makes us feel alive and useful. With PFL, our lives can have just that little bit more purpose and meaning.

One issue I’ve been thinking about recently is how do we respect our roots, but not be defined by them? Our forebears valued certain things. And like all families, included good & bad people – all of them flawed human beings in some way. We can respect their struggles to realise the positive dreams & aspirations they had for themselves and their families. If our forebears taught us anything, it was: (1) respect and support those we are in close contact with (2) continue to aspire for a better life and (3) be the best people we can be.

Regarding (1) if we dislike certain family members (or work colleagues), what we can do is show support on things that move them forward in a positive direction. And hope momentum does the rest.

Of course we all need to stay agile to life’s opportunities. And keep creating new doors that we can potentially open (PFL). Some people call this personal networking.

Lastly, regarding preserving our roots but not letting them trap us in one place, our PFL helps ease the tension. We can also relax on this issue as we get progressively older – by living an honourable life, we have less to explain and less to prove to anyone, relative or not.

If this resonates, feel free to share your experience too.


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I have strong interest in flexibility the subject and in promoting its use more widely. Professionally, am a science graduate, chartered accountant and MBA-holding business adviser. Over three decades of work experience, I've worked in three countries, parented three genders, become involved in three lots of people rescues and quite like three course meals...

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