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Projects out, process in – as the pace of business change speeds up, are we looking at the death of project management and its replacement by real-time process adjustment instead? A requirement is to have as much process automation as possible. And to have digital products & services that can be changed, as fast as information flows can change.

Reading – it thwarts the loss of culture with the magic of literary ideas.

Restaurants – great restaurants pour the life blood into the beating heart of the city. Restaurant meals are to ready meals what entrepreneurs are to politicians. Restaurants practice the art of cooking, using perspective, colour and artistic interpretation, so their guests can frame it with the art of great conversation. With menus that do more than nourish, they extend the person’s food education. Recipes and ingredient selection may be about science dominating art. But great cooking is the triumph of art over science.

Rise of the machines – are we looking at AI ‘generation one’ being data-driven decision making (what patterns fit this data?). And AI ‘generation two’ being reasoning decision making (what data is needed to fit this vision?)


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I have strong interest in flexibility the subject and in promoting its use more widely. Professionally, am a science graduate, chartered accountant and MBA-holding business adviser. Over three decades of work experience, I've worked in three countries, parented three genders, become involved in three lots of people rescues and quite like three course meals...

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