If credibility gives leaders the personal flexibility they need, then hypocrisy is the acid that dissolves away leadership credibility.
Underdogs and outsiders are voted in as leaders, when mainstream politics just deliver more of the same.
Artificial intelligence will fill the leadership gap when human stupidity and human stubbornness drive away common sense.
People don’t generally vote for evil. But evil once in power, generally votes for less people.

Flexibility and Binary Choices


Are binary choices becoming an endangered species? Flexibility on binary seems to go in one of two directions:

(1) There is the conversion from binary to a spectrum instead.

  • Oscillation along the spectrum between two limits is useful for bird flight, in juggling and in art. Or to make songs more interesting.
  • Computers to date have been binary, but quantum computing uses more of a spectrum approach.
  • Expert amateurs and novice professionals existing between the states of expert professional and rank amateur.
  • Logic used to be binary. Then we recognised fuzzy logic as useful too.
  • Governments generally moved away from binary sentencing in the justice system (death penalty or not, innocent or guilty) to concepts of restitution, share of blame, clemency and degree of penalty.
  • Human genders used to be recognised as male or female. Now we recognise a trans gender spectrum.
  • Political parties used to cluster around left wing or right wing. Now simultaneous local, national and trans-national identities feature just as prominently for voters.

(2) There is two merging into one united view, perhaps to realise synergies.

  • Humans used to combine our skills with nature’s raw materials (binary). It was obvious what was created by nature and what was created by people. Then we invented technology and eventually added synthetic biology to natural biology. We also augmented our own design approaches with computer-aided design & build. Then came computer-generated design & build, with its merging of physical and digital reality into augmented and virtual reality. And its blending of natural and synthetic biology.
  • People’s identity started when they were conceived. And their actions ceased when they died. Now people can pre-programme digital events (including posts) to happen after they think they will die. It then becomes possible to give the digital appearance of human life, after actual physical death.

What do you think?


Flexibility and governance

A political party (or school) wants to change voter (or student) behaviour. They can attempt this by challenging the assumptions held (reality replacing perception, or perception replacing reality, witness fake news, propaganda and misinformation by governments) to improve the expectations (foster hope), to in turn improve aspirations (ambition). Ultimately it is voters’ aspirations (for fame & wealth) making them feel confident enough to take business risks, start businesses, pay new taxes and create new jobs.

The trouble is that voters aren’t sure whether political promises and assurances are reality replacing perception, or the reverse. Of course, the opposition political party will claim political assurances by their rivals are always 100% fake news. And voters struggle with politicians’ intentions outweighing their abilities. Or something being the right policy initiative at the wrong time.

Sadly, too many politicians chase representation (representing a group of voters existing assumptions) rather than adding value by refining the ‘crude’ into a high octane, clean, green ‘product’.

Life is too short for us to keep monitoring politicians shortcomings and gaffes in the media. When did politics morph from keeping it real into bad entertainment?